Sean Ottey

That one guy who does a bit of everything...


Hey there. Thanks for stopping by. My name is Sean and I am a compulsive site builder, code writer, joker and customer success'er.

Look around and reach out if you have thoughts or questions.


About Me

I have been: A developer, a technical evangelist, a tester, a Pizza Hut Delivery driver, a stand up comic, a husband and a father.

Recently my primary social network has become GitHub: Trilium extensions, golang for devops, javascript utilities, docker work, etc.



I work as the Manager for Customer Success for the Roland Corporation. The leading musical instrument manufacturer in the world, Roland makes both amazing hardware as well as incredible software instruments allowing musicians to create music anywhere, on any device.

I have loved music and making music all my life. Being able to work for a company that I have known and loved all my life is the best thing in the world. I work with a ton of amazing, smart, funny people who make every day exciting.