I Am A New Man! (or, how I learned to love work again)

A quick update for my readers… I started a new chapter of my life last week. I am now the Technical Evangelist at Rightside.

Some of you are probably thinking I have lost my mind. To you I say, ‘Wait, this has nothing to do with religion’. I am lucky enough to have my job be to teach people about the new wave of domain extensions. No more being stuck with .com or .net when you want a domain. Bach.com is taken and you LOVE Bach? Well, Bach.rocks is, AT THIS SECOND, available for 9 bucks at name.com.

Want to have an easily said link to your facebook page? Go get a .social domain. How cool is it to be able to SAY a url and have it be memorable? “Yeah, check me out at imnot.social” (12 bucks at Name.com)

Not only do I get to do something fun and challenging, I also get to feed my addiction of buying domain names and call it work.

So get out there and create your own personal brand. Or twenty.

Sean (Chin.Ninja, Evangelist.ninja, zip.rip, null.ninja, grin.ninja, NotCom.ninja)

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