eNom REPOST: Meet Sean, Your New Developer Advocate.

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Introducing Sean

In the past, we haven’t always shared who our team members are at Enom, but that’s about to change. We’d like to introduce to you our newest partner in crime, Sean Ottey, who joined us about 2 weeks ago as a Tech Evangelist. Being the new guy, we thought we’d throw him into the front lines of our reseller community.

Sean is a guy you want to know. He’s here with us to build and support our reseller and developer community. He’s your advocate, your foot soldier for all things tech. Sean has a technical background and, of course, knowledge about domains. Being that he used to be a developer, he understands how to build things. And, he has a slight obsession with buying domains. Last week he registered www.grin.ninja – you should ask him why!

Sean will be wearing several different hats at Enom and our Rightside company:

  • Developer education and support: Sean will teach developers how to use our API and how to integrate Enom services into their own websites.
  • Community outreach and events: One down, many more to go! Sean attended Geekwire Startup Day the other week, and he’ll be at future industry and technology events such as HostingCon.
  • Improve our developer experience: He’ll be maintaining public documentation, managing tech projects, and facilitating product feedback from the community and through usability testing. In addition, Sean will be monitoring and contributing to developer forums and social media.

Say “Hi” to Sean and introduce yourself! You can find him on Twitter @RghtsideSean.


Getting Personal with the New Guy

We asked Sean a few questions about himself and his role. Here’s what he had to say:

What’s your background?

I started developing on a PC Jr. (they called it the Peanut), which had 128k of ram, no hard drive, and the monitor had 3 colors. Professionally, I worked my way from tech support to QA to sales engineering and, finally, software development.

I have been lucky enough to work with some tiny startups as well as a number of very large organizations (including one that rhymes with Bikerosoft) so I have seen the full spectrum of joy and pain that developers have.

Tell us about your hobbies and interests. Any deep dark secrets?

Hm. Well, my musical tastes are kind of strange…Indigo Girls, Justin Timberlake, Dimmu Borgir, Tupac, etc.

I have been a stand up comic for almost 10 years, but that is no secret, as I have videos and pictures scattered across the internet highlighting that. In fact, it was something that led me here to… wait, that is the next question…

The only other secret I have is that, yes, my Twitter handle is @RghtsideSean. I would love to tell you something about how “there is no ‘I’ in the Rightside team” or something, but no…typo. Demerit for the newbie.

Why did you join Enom to be our Tech Evangelist?

I have been interested in joining the two sides of my personality, tech and social, for a while now. Loving development, I just couldn’t let that fall by the wayside and, loving social, I was so tired of staring at code 12 hours a day. So I began to look at ways to do both.

The first company I reached out to was Enom (Rightside). Being a bit of a domain hoarder, I knew a bit about the domain game and, frankly, Enom is the best out there.

In the end, I had two opportunities: one was a very defined, structured role at a huge company in Redmond, and the other was my dream job. It was a no brainer.

What opportunities are you most excited about?

The opportunities in the domain space right now are so huge. With the explosion of new TLD’s (domain extensions), the whole way we describe the Internet is changing. The idea that you can, as a person, brand yourself in such creative and memorable ways is game changing.

The transition from dot com to “NotCom” is coming. It is a sure thing. I get to play a role in that, however small. A friend said to me, “This is such a sure thing, you’re not an Evangelist, you’re a prophet.” I think I am more like the Town Crier.

Can you share your top priorities you’ll be tackling over the next 90 days?

Enom has done so many things well, but the areas I really want to focus on in the first 90 days are:

  • Generating a faster feedback loop with our resellers and developers. I feel that we can do better here, utilizing forums, clear support channels and more interaction with our customers.
  • Championing the revamping of our developer resources. We have an amazing API, many would call it the Industry Best, but finding examples and documentation is difficult at the moment. I want to surface that information and make it more accessible and intuitive.
  • I may be talking out of school here, but I want us to open up the Enom API to everyone. No cost to developers. Devs want to play. Given access, developers can create things no one ever dreamed of. I want that for our API.

What do you need from our reseller and developer community that would help you reach your 90-day goals?

Feedback, feedback, feedback. I am hungry to hear how people are using our API. What works, what doesn’t. What we can do to make development faster, easier and more closely aligned with developer’s language and design pattern choices.

We are already working hard to get more examples, better API documentation and some other cool surprises.

Stay tuned, we’ll be working on ways to provide your feedback in the coming months. So when it hits, let us know what you think!

– See more at: http://www.enom.com/news/882/meet-sean-new-developer-advocate.html#sthash.W3l82FBW.dpuf

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