2015 Boulder Start Up Week Diary – Sunday

Ladies and gentlemen, here we go…. A full week of tech, nerding out, domain name educatin’, a ton of fun and, possibly, a little drinking.

I am in Boulder for Boulder Start Up Week (@boulderstartup on Twitter and here on the web). I will be keeping everyone up to date on the happenings here all week. Will my posts be interesting? Maybe not. Will my posts be educational? Maybe. Will I post when I am drinking? If I do, it will be bad for me and great for you.

So first, let’s see how I got here. This first post is mostly just my travel diary, so if you are looking for great startup week tips or info on the coolest events, you are O.O.L. (Out of luck, mom)

I flew in to Denver airport about noon, Denver time.

“Wait”, you say, “It starts tomorrow, right? And if my flight times are correct, you caught a plane at about 8am. And you live 45 minutes from the airport. On a Sunday. What is wrong with you?”.

Right. Yes. I booked the only direct flight I could find. And I paid for it. Goodbye kiss from my lovely wife, wearing her Sleeping mask, tooths unbrushed, at 6:30am on a Sunday.

Anyway, I get on the plane after grabbing the worst breakfast ever made at the airport. We take off. When we can get up, I get a cup of coffee. I come back and sit down and proceed to spill coffee on my crotch. Through gritting teeth I say to my seat mate, “you saw that, right? You are a witness that I didn’t pee my pants”. As a result, we had a very quiet flight with no talking.

Once we landed, I walked from the gate to the subway which will take me to the rental place. My activity tracker says it was approximately one million steps, or 30,000 miles.

See, here is the thing, there IS no rental place at the airport. I walked the Million Mile March to wait for a shuttle, which would take me to the rental car place.

Now, here is an M. Night Shamalan twist…. There is snow in Denver. Right?!?!!? Who knew? Me, with my chucks (converse, Mom), t-shirts and a light leather jacket. I am awesome…ly dumb.

As I am riding in the cramped, HOT rental shuttle it hits me: I am going to have to drive in show. The upside is, I probably won’t ever have to fly home. Because I will get buried in a snow plow wake and no one will find me until Frances Bean Cobain is president.

But, see, here is the deal. Denver GETS snow. They understand it. In Seattle, a couple inches of snow stops the city like the cable companies stopped caring about customer service. Immediately and severely.

I get the most adorable little Mazda minivan/bicycle. It runs, so I can’t complain.

I get on the road and decide I want to see a little bit of Denver since I will be way too early to check in at the Inn. I stop and get a couple slices of pizza from Little Caesars. Hope in the minivan and get on my way.

Of course, the box was a bit big for a couple slices. It was a whole pizza. A whole, folded in half, stale pizza. Hooray!

You know what is great about Colorado? They have a Comedy radio station. Yep, you read that right. 24/7 comedy bits. That. Is. Cool.

I get to the Inn in Boulder, which is beautiful. This is the perfect place for a happy couple to spend a weekend. A nerd doing a week of events? Not so much. But it is fun to watch a 19″ television again.

I realize that this post is almost ALL complaints. That is not my intent. It is just the age old adage that, when not much happens, all you remember are the annoying things.

This week is going to be insanely fun. I cannot wait to meet all my Name.com colleagues, all the start up people who are attending and the great people of Boulder.

More tomorrow. Or maybe the next day if I am out late. Enjoy your week! I am off to go try to find the Mork And Mindy house.


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