Dot Com Is DEAD…. Long live Dot Com.

A lot of people have been asking me, “Will these new domain extensions replace dot com?”.

I had some trouble answering that until today. I realized the answer is no.

See, the new domain extensions create a namespace for brands. You can have go to your youtube page. You can have go to your community outreach page. You can have go to your social media aggregator page or facebook, etc.

BUT, what if you aren’t looking for KittyBooBoo’s videos? What if you just heard about the company and want a place that has everything about them? A, dare I coin a phrase, compilation site.

See what I did there? Dot Com has, in the past, meant company. But I have And it isn’t a company, but a compilation of ramblings. COMpilation.

I propose that dot com is short,, very soon, for COMpilation site.

I would propose that dot com is the hub. for when you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. From there, it can direct you to more refined data gatherings. Like videos… or social.

Now, I suppose I should say, I work for Rightside, a registry which owns a bunch of new domain extensions. I would hate for the comments to get clogged with people calling me a sneaky shill trying to pass pandering off as thought leadership.

I have never pandered. And I rarely am a thought leader. But I just might be right on this one….



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