2015 Boulder Start Up Week Diary – Thursday

Another day is in the books.

First, “How To Start A Business Without Raising Money from Investors”. Good stuff.. Lots of advice on block building, bootstrapping and, yes, borrowing money from family. The Lyfe Kitchen was packed. As always, lots of smart, eager people engaging each other without the sense of competition or isolation.

Next, lunch with Jared and Alex to plan for the Hack The Dot. Alex did a great job of making this happen and, if I ever run one I will run it like he did. I will also call it a Hack-A-Sean.

Once we had everything together, we headed to the amazing SendGrid offices (rooftop dining area, ping pong table, cupcakes, kegs, beautiful space and great people). We set up the Hack A Thon and watched people trickle in.

With great drinks provided by GeekSpirits, pizza that we brought in and a bunch of bright people, we had a really, really fun event. Lots of people came in that were either GSchool graduates or current students, and their enthusiasm showed.

We also had a bunch of people show up who have become friends over the past 4 days. It is amazing how quickly people become familiar and the banter becomes easy and fun.

I can’t believe we have already finished 4 days of Boulder Start Up Week. I am already making plans to come back next year.

Sorry for the shortness of the post. Sean is so exhausted he is speaking about himself in the third person.


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