2015 Boulder Start Up Week Diary – Wednesday

Oh my. What a day that was. Sorry for the delay. By the end of the post you will see why this didn’t come out last night….

The day started at an Investor talk at Lyfe Kitchen. Great conversations, great breakfast and a TON of people. The discussion ranged from technical business questions to “Should you take money from friends and family?”. I am always amazed at the willingness of the community here to share. There are no silos, no secreting away experiences for a market advantage. A rising tide raises all boats.

Next, off to Galvanize Boulder. Great community work spaces. Similar to WeWork in Seattle. I was there to do a video interview for the Start Up Week. Katey (sp?) and John we great producers. We had a good chat about the scene in Boulder and the startups that are making waves.

After a 20 minute power nap back at the room, it was off to T/Aco for Taco Wednesday sponsored by Name.com.

So many people, so many tacos. The place was packed with people talking about the new domain extensions and ways to brand your business. Jared, Ashley and everyone from Name were walking out plate after plate of tacos to everyone. So much fun.

Next, it was off to get some food and get to Ignite Boulder. Sold out in 4 hours, with 900 people on the wait list. A big deal.

Ignite Boulder is a huge gathering of techies with an interesting twist… There are rules for the speakers.

  1. Presentations are 5 minutes long.
  2. Slides change every 15 seconds
  3. If you are behind in your presentation, you better hurry up because, Rule 2 does not bend.

So many excellent speakers, speaking on everything from the F.B.I. to Diversity to The importance of being within yourself and the moment. Not what I expected, but I am glad, because I just expected tech talks and self promotion.

As always, Andrew  pulled it all off flawlessly.

So, the reason that this blog is so late is because of what happened after. I needed Karaoke. So Jared, Alex, a few people we met at Ignite and I all went to the Attic for Karaoke. Jared and I had a ton of fun with She’s Gone by Hall And Oates, we met even more great people (a ton of them recent GSchool graduates, there is no lack of Ruby devs coming onto the market here).

Anyway, it was a late, late, LATE night. Thus, this post.

Today we have a bunch of interesting speakers and then, the thing you have all been waiting for: The Hackathon.  A domain name is given and people make the best use of it in three hours. Can’t wait to see what Boulder comes up with.

More tonight. I promise. Probably.


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