2015 Boulder Start Up Week Diary – Friday

Whew. What an amazing week. As you can see, I am writing this on Monday. THAT is how busy/exhausting and perfect this week was. After, I was ruined for two days.

Friday was not AS busy, but that wasn’t because there weren’t things to do, only that my body couldn’t do them all.

We had breakfast and then met at Spark Boulder to watch Alex Kehr sit on a panel about Sponsorship. Lot’s of good questions and interesting answers.

We bumped into Andrew Hyde at Lyfe kitchen and had an impromptu interview/roundtable. Video may make it to you in a short while and was hilarious.

The closing party was crazy. Glow sticks, alcohol, swag everywhere, loud music, crowds. It was exactly what was needed to send Boulder Start Up Week 2015 off with a bang.

Look, I know that this blog post has almost no true details. It is mostly “greats” and “excellents”. I get that. After a week of this, I simply didn’t have the energy to retain all the great (did it again) things that happened Friday. I’m sorry.

Here is the bottom line, in list form:

  • Boulder is filled with excited, visionary cooperative techies
  • The scene has a TON of startups that are truly thought leaders in their spaces.
  • Andrew Hyde has unlimited energy.
  • Jared Ewy is a master communicator
  • Alex Kehr carries us all on his back in handling social media.
  • If you have a chance to go to BSW 2016 you should.


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