My name is Sean… It has been 24 hours since my last domain purchase…

NOTE: I work for Rightside, a domain registry that also has an awesome wholesale business ( and a super sweet retail business ( I purchased all these domains on my own  time, with my own money, and hand registered each one. I am not trying to make a mint here, just trying to get rid of a bunch of domains I shouldn't have bought. :-)

I have a problem. I compulsively buy domain names. I have been this way for years. Holding on to domains I never get around to developing.

There are many reasons that people buy domain names. They start a business, create a family site or just want a brand to use and email for their business cards. Me? I buy them because I think they are cool or funny. I have owned decent ones (, stupid ones (DontThrow.Rocks) and unfortunate ones (During the Romney/Obama debate I registered… yes, two i’s… sigh).

It was once said that to have a gambling problem you have to be bad at it. Because if you are great at it, you are winning. “It is like saying Def Leppard has an AWESOMENESS problem”. Well, I am bad at this.

Anyway, I have too many and I am dumping some of them. For cheap. Literally, if an offer is over the reg fee price, I will most likely take it.

So, here is my list, partially to let people know they can buy them and, mostly, to show people how incredibly stupid I am about this addiction:

  • – I used this for a private forum for a while, then a url shortener, then… nothing.
  • NotCom.Ninja – I just thought this was hilarious. Then.
  • Null.Ninja – Again. Not sure what I was thinking.
  • – Recent purchase. Bought it because it was short. Like my attention span.
  • – You know, I am not sure on this one. Truly. No idea.
  • – An org, but short. Turns out it is a WWII german submarine AND a form of an STD. Do your research first kids.
  • Wear.Video – This one is actually one I really like.
  • Zip.Rip – Short. Rhymes. I am basically a squirrel.
  • Satellite.Social – I had fantasies of starting a SiriusXM forum for discussing the channels. Then I remembered I have a family and a job.
  • Code.ForSale – I thought this would be good for a CodeForest type site.
  • Damn.Social – Not sure. I think I just wanted to own a .SOCIAL domain
  • Foo.Social – Again. No idea. Maybe a forum about the Foo Fighters? A Rebel Mouse thing?
  • Meetup.Reviews – I actually like this one. It is tough to find a meetup review online right now.
  • Seattle.Education – I LOVE this one. Just picked it up a few weeks ago
  • Seattle.Photos – Again, a GEO domain. Like it.
  • Seattle.Supply – And another
  • Seattle.Ventures – And another
  • Themes.ForSale – Like Code.Forsale but for themes.
  • – If I am being honest? I actually like the shape of the word. THE SHAPE! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!?!!?

Ok, that is it. There is my shame. If you are interested in any of these names, or ALL of them, let me know at

And again, I am doing this as a representative of a person who can’t stop buying domain names, NOT as a Rightside employee.

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