Add Enom API Search to Chrome!!!

Some don’t know that you can configure custom searches in Chrome. Doing this, you can simply prepend a search with a keyword (like, say, enom) and it will use that search engine.

To set the Enom API Catalog as a custom search engine in Chrome:

  1. Right click on the Chrome Omni-bar
  2. Select ‘Edit Search Engines’
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the window that appears

Enter the following info:

Name: Enom API Search
Keyword: enom

You can pick any ‘keyword’ you like. The one above is simply an example.

Once you hit done, you will be able to simply go to the address bar, type “enom purchase” and poof, you will have the search results for purchase!

You can also use Google’s voice search if you prefer. Try saying “enom purchase”. BOOM!

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