DevRel Summit 2017 – All The Reasons You Shouldn’t Go

DevRel Summit is a great gathering of the greatest minds in developer relations, community building and evangelism. It happens once a year and lasts a full day.

This year, DevRel Summit 2017 will be on Friday, August 11th at the Galvanize headquarters in downtown Seattle, WA. You can get more details here.

So why shouldn’t you go? There aren’t any reasons. In fact, there are a ton of reasons why you SHOULD.

  1. Evangelism and Dev releations are more than just clickbaiting (like I have done with this very article). Understanding your developer community and their needs/ambitions is key to growing a successful community and strengthening their cohesion.
  2. Last year was an amazing event. From amazing speakers to great conversations and networking, the day was filled with actionable, viable approaches to building developer communities and advancing developer relations. PLUS, I won the Rock, Paper, Scissors competition!
  3. This year promises to be even more comprehensive. Speakers from some of the largest, most successful DevRel companies will be on hand not only to speak, but to engage with attendees and make real connections.
  4. DevRel is more than just writing articles filled with bite-sized lists(Like I have done with this very article).
  5. There will also be a focus on inclusion and diversity. It is important, as community builders AND as humans, that we actively seek out an understanding of what makes a inclusive community and work to be self analytical and self critical in our interactions.
  6.  I AM HOSTING! If you have ever seen one of my talks, stand up comedy shows or presentations, you can rest assured that you will laugh, feel engaged and, dare I say it, feel appreciated for your participation. I have some surprises up my T-Shirt sleeve. You won’t want to miss this.

Tickets are going fast, as expected, as we have some incredible speakers and a ton of lightning talks, roundtables, activities and general awesomeness. Sign up now!

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