Update: Why Envato is still awesome

UPDATE: Envato removed the offending site. Thanks to Envato for their quick response!


Thanks for your patience. The following item has been successfully disabled:



I am a huge fan of CodeCanyon. I have been a member for years and have spent more money that I would care to admit to my wife.

That said, I am frustrated with Envato’s (parent company of CodeCanyon) lack of a channel to report infringing apps, even when they are infringing on another Envato seller’s product!

Case in point: I purchased (and love) CICool crud builder. A ton. And now there is someone else selling a copy as their own (No link, screw them). They didn’t even change the site, only the name from CICool to ZaCode.

This is to be expected online, what isn’t expected is that there is no clear “report this app” link anywhere. A search of their support only shows access to DCMA tools. Emailing the email addresses on the site get no response.

Envato, you have someone illegally cannibalizing another product you sell. Why is it so hard to address this?

And, before you ask, why is this bugging me so much if it’s not an app I wrote? Two reasons.

1) Principle. Someone worked hard on this and it offends me as a developer to see someone stealing another persons creation.

2) I care about Envato. It is a service I use regularly and stuff like this will damage it’s reputation and hurt it’s bottom line.

Anyone from Envato care to comment?


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