About Me

Everyone has that one thing they love. That one thing they love doing. Sometimes it is what they do for a living, sometimes it is what they do when they AREN’T working.

I have two things.

Technology and comedy. I seem to have avoided the “Engineers are bad with people and public speaking” cliche while, at the same time, I have avoided the “Artists don’t understand technology and engineering” cliche.

SO… What do I do with that? Up to now, I have been trying to tend to both sides separately. But, given that there are only so many hours in the day, One or the other always got the short end of the stick. That is changing.

I have realized that I need to work with people. Face to face, online, one on one to thousands. In the technology sector.

Welcome to the new chapter. Stick around. You will learn some things, have some laughs and maybe even manage to stay off Facebook for a few minutes.


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